Welcome to the
Zagreb Energy Week 2014

Milan Bandić, Gradonačelnik Grada ZagrebaDear citizens and guests of the City of Zagreb,

Global warming and climate changes present an unavoidable and global problem as well as a dangerous threat to a great number of aspects concerning life and development on Earth. The situation requires fast and effective responses on local and national levels, as well as intensive cooperation and synergy on the international plan. In a time of crisis and recession, rational energy use, energy efficiency, application of new green technologies and renewable energy sources is an imperative, but also presents a challenge and a driving wheel towards economic development, opening new workplaces and a better future for our younger generations.

The City of Zagreb Administration is determined to actively and continuously implement the planned measures and processes of sustainable energy development for the realization of the vision of the City of Zagreb as a city of sustainable development, in cooperation with all of the relevant local and foreign subjects. The organization of our 5. Zagreb Energy Week shows a high level of mutual understanding and cooperation of all participants in an effort to present the actual problems to our citizens as well as the solutions and possibilities that will ensure a safe and better future for our children.

Through our own example and in cooperation with our distinguished partners, we wish to show the citizens of Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia and the wider region the real possibilities of energy and financial savings, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and of harmful impact on the environment. We also wish to implement a proactive energy policy and raise the ecological awareness of City administration employees as well as the citizens of the City of Zagreb as concerns real energy problems, the need to protect the climate and the environment and the need to rationally use energy and natural resources.

The City of Zagreb, as the capital city of the Republic of Croatia and signatory of the Covenant of Mayors as well as supporting structure of the European Commission-Directorate General for Energy has an obligation and responsibility to provide maximum support for and to undertake the appropriate measures in order to realize energy savings, implement energy efficiency measures, encourage the use of renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly fuels as well as to provide professional support and help to all local and regional associations that show interest in the said topics. The ambitious goal of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by more than 21% (in comparison with the reference year 2008) by the year 2020, is only possible through an active inclusion and cooperation of the city and state employees, numerous interest groups, economic subjects, educational and scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations and the citizens of ecologically conscious European cities. The City of Zagreb shall continue to aim at reaching the common EU goals 202020 as well as implement the EU policies and the energy-climate frame 2050 that leads to an energy more efficient, low carbon and more competitive market development, attracting new investments and providing a better life for the citizens.

The City of Zagreb is active in implementing the planned measures and sustainable development processes in order to realize the vision of the City of Zagreb as the city of sustainable development, in cooperation with all relevant subjects in the country and abroad. The Zagreb Energy Week has an important role in reaching the said targets and is one of the important factors in the process of the City of Zagreb sustainable development.

Welcome to Zagreb – I wish you a successful and eventful 5. Zagreb energy week 2014.!


Development we don't want to stop, but pollution we can! 

Milan Bandić,

Mayor of the City of Zagreb

Milan Bandić