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MONDAY, May 07th, 2018

09,00 – 12,00  Kindergartens:  Playroom „Let's Talk about energy and preserve the environment“

In the playroom „Let's Talk about Energy and preserve the environment" the youngest generations will learn about energy, why it is important for all of us and how everybody, even the youngest among us, can contribute to the rational energy use, prevention of global warming and to environment protection. Through playing, discussions, drawing, coloring, creating breadboard models of windmills and other activities, all kindergartens in the City of Zagreb area will actively participate in the Zagreb Energy Week program.

Location:  Zagreb kindergartens (206 locations)

09,00 – 14,00  Zagreb University – Expert forum – „We have the solutions – visions of new generations for green development“

Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering and Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences will present their scientific projects and seminars on the application of new technologies in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Location: Borongaj Science and Education Campus, Borongajska cesta 183, Zagreb - objekt 69

10,00 – 11,00  Presentation „Using wind energy in small wind powerplants“

The Electromechanical Vocational school shall present using wind energy to small wind power in their Cabinet for renewable energy sources and modern technology in electrical installation. The visitors and pupils shall be able to see equipment for the production of electricity using low power wind turbines installed in the school yard.

Location:  Electromechanical Vocational school, Cabinet for renewable energy sources, Selska  cesta 83, Zagreb

10,00 – 16,00  Open Door days: Energetics on FER

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb opens its doors for expert visits of interested experts and scientists from the field of energy and wider and groups of pupils, students, professional associations and citizens who will have the opportunity to become acquainted with current scientific research projects that are fully or partially managed by the members of the Institute for High Voltage and Energy. This year a round table with a very novel theme: 'Decentralization and Democratization of the Power Sector' is being organized, where the presence of participants from different spheres of social, economic and technical activity is expected.

Location: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Unska 3, Zagreb

11,00 – 13,00  Lecture „Basic KNX module“

As part of the project „Modernization of school curricula in vocational schools in accordance with the shifting needs of job/economy market Energy efficiency – KNX module“, conducted by the Electromechanical Vocational school with their partners Technical School of Civil-Engineering, Vocational school Sisak and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, educated teachers and lecturers from Zagreb vocational schools will hold lectures on the basic KNX module and energy efficiency for pupils in the City of Zagreb vocational schools. The target group includes third grades of vocational schools and second grades of trade schools.

Location:  Electromechanical Vocational school, Cabinet for renewable energy sources, Selska  cesta 83, Zagreb

11,00 – 14,00 Conference "Six Laboratories for the Future of Zagreb!“

Under the title "Six Laboratories for the Future of Zagreb" the Zagreb Development Agency shall open a cycle of events that will, as part of the Zagreb Energy Week, be held in the Technological Park at the Zagreb Fair. The event is the startup conference of the "Startup Factory Zagreb - High Technology Incubator" project, which finances the equipping of six laboratories within the Technological Park Zagreb. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 - 2020". Development Agency Zagreb - TPZ d.o.o is the holder, while City of Zagreb is a partner at the Project. The total value of the project amounts to HRK 19,588,435.53, whereof the grant amounts to HRK 15,726,785.40. The project also includes numerous partners from the segment of higher education, development and technology that will use their resources to transfer knowledge to laboratory users. Each of the laboratories will have their own scope of work: site development, digital forensics, 3D modeling, electronics, environmental protection and the Internet. At the conference, apart from the laboratories, the vision of action and ways of cooperation with partners will be presented. Download the event program here.

Location: Technological Park, Zagreb Fair Pavilion 12, 1st floor, Zagreb

TUESDAY, May 8th, 2018

08,00 – 16,00  Elementary Schools: Learning through playing the game "Tell me about Energy"

All first grades of Zagreb elementary schools will hold classes entitled „Tell me about energy“ and the

teachers will, by means of a picture book and an educational game, teach the children about the need and manner of saving energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.  Furthermore, the elementary school pupils will, through discussions on this topic, express their own ideas, activities, drawings and essays on how they think energy can be rationally used and saved.

Location:  Primary schools of the City of Zagreb (114 locations)

09,00 – 17,00  IX. Green Day of the Croatian Chamber of Architects

The Croatian Chamber of Architects shall organize an international symposium, entitled „IX.. Green Day of the Croatian Chamber of Architects”.

Location:  Old City Hall - Zagreb, Ćirilometodska 5 - Hall A

09,00 – 12,00  10 Golden rules in traffic

This year, the Croatian Automobile Club is also organizing an international expert meeting called the 10 Golden Rules in Traffic.

Location: Croatian Auto Club,  Avenija Dubrovnik 44, Zagreb 

09,00 – 14,00  Seminar of the Croatian chamber of mechanical engineers and the Croatian chamber of electrical engineers

The members of the Croatian chamber of mechanical engineers and the Croatian chamber of electrical engineers shall present new technologies in the application of conventional and renewable sources of energy.

Location: Old City Hall – Ćirilometodska 5, Zagreb – Hall B

09,00 – 13,00  Project TOGETHER – „Rethink the Energy Efficiency as the first fuel”

The City of Zagreb, City Office for Economy, Energy and Environment protection will organize a workshop as part of the project TOGETHER, in view of presenting the possible ways of saving energy through changing behavior and including energy efficiency as a behavioral norm. The workshop will also include a roundtable discussion.

Location: Technological Park, Zagreb Fair Pavillion 12, 1st floor, Zagreb

WEDNESDAY, May 9th, 2018

08,00 – 18,00  Secondary schools: A lesson about Climate and Energy

All City of Zagreb secondary schools will hold a lesson in first grades concerning the need for energy savings, rational use of energy, fight against global warming and adaptation to climate change caused by the actions of man and man's influence on the use of natural energy sources.

Location: City of Zagreb secondary schools (67 locations)

10,00 – 16,00  International conference "Cities - Leaders in Energy Transition"

Over 70% of Europeans today live in cities, and by 2050 this percentage is expected to grow up to 80%. Nevertheless, cities or representatives of urban authorities still do not have their place "at the table" where politics and decisions are made, the effect of which is most manifested in urban areas. Although the first positive moves at the European level in the direction of involving cities in the process of creating European policies are recognized in the Urban Agenda initiative, there is still no systematic and formal way of involving cities in policy-making bodies that regulate, inter alia, different aspects of city functioning and people who live in them. The Conference "Cities - Leaders in Energy Transition" shall use its the panels pertaining to energy policy, energy recovery and clean energy as an incentive for entrepreneurship, to highlight the importance and significance of energy efficiency and environmental protection in urban environments because these are the topics to be talked about and to be addressed in order to plan better and implement even bigger and more successful projects, as a result.

Location: Technological Park, Zagreb Fair Pavillion 12, 1st floor, Zagreb

10,00 – 18,00  Faculty of Architecture Energy day

The lecturers and students from the Faculty of Architecture and other guest lecturers from the field of energy efficiency, environment protection and economy, shall talk about the most advanced solutions of high energy efficiency in new construction and refurbishment (passive house plus and premium, „Factor 10“ refurbishment), innovations and EU projects.

Location: Faculty of Architecture, Kačićeva 26, Zagreb

THURSDAY, May 10th, 2018

09,00 – 13,00  GREEN TALKS: Energy refurbishment of buildings and Nearly zero energy buildings

The Croatia Green Building Council is organizing a GREEN TALKS Symposium whose purpose is to educate and inform the general public about the green construction, its principles as well as the possibilities of saving energy, preserving the environment, managing various natural resources such as water, forests, renewable energy sources and the like, all for the purpose of implementing them in future projects. The main topic of GREEN TALKS 2018 is: "Energy Renewal of Buildings and NZeb (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings)" where you will learn - What is nZEB, when does the obligation start, how to design and run nZEB ?; Energy Refurbishment of Buildings, Financing and Implementation?; What are the examples of solutions and technologies for application in nZEB and energy refurbishment?

Location: Technological Park, Zagreb Fair Pavillion 12, 1st floor, Zagreb

10,00 – 15,00   Conference "Advanced Industry for a Green Future "

The Croatian Chamber of Economy organizes a conference "Advanced Industry for a Green Future", which will discuss topics related to the Vanguard EU Initiative, energy efficiency in construction, the perspective of introducing new energy capacities that use renewable energy as a source, and in the end will touch on the indispensable theme of digitization. The conference is intended for business entities, business and professional associations and institutions and policy makers for information on current trends in the field of energy and environmental protection, with an emphasis on production industry aspects.

Location: Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zagreb Chamber, Draškovićeva 45/I, Zagreb

10,00 – 11,00  Forum  " Solution to Capillary Moisture - Innovative, Ecological and Noninvasive Solutions "

Company KAZ d.o.o. will hold a presentation on protection from capillary moisture including the impact of capillary moisture on the decline of objects of various uses (monuments, churches, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, as well as private facilities). The presentation will also feature the method of solving capillary moisture with innovative and ecosystem PROsystem based on the theory and application of electro-osmosis which contributes to great savings in heating and renovation costs as well as creates a healthier room for the stay and work of people without fungus and mold.

Location:  City of Zagreb Tribina, Kaptol 27, Zagreb 

13,00 – 16,00  Conference "Through BIM to Energy Efficiency“

The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Zagreb will hold a conference "Through BIM to Energy Efficiency", which will discuss the possibilities of increasing energy efficiency in buildings in a way that will stimulate and increase the use of BIM during the life cycle of the building. The use of BIM will enable the building's energy properties to be increased by using different materials in the process of the main project and in the process of energy (renewal) projects. BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a process that encompasses the entire lifecycle of a building, from the design phase, through construction, management, maintenance and demolition. In each of the above mentioned phases, it is very important to consider all aspects of energy efficiency so that the entire life of the building will reduce its environmental impact. It has been shown that communication among all building participants is one of the biggest challenges when looking at nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) and this workshop will try to present the BIM paradigm as a possible way to address some of the challenges of designing, building and using NZEB. The Conference will also present European projects Net-UBIEP, BIMcert, BHENEFIT, Fit-to-nZEB, as well as practical aspects of using BIM in the field of energy efficiency.

Location: Technological Park, Zagreb Fair Pavillion 12, 1st floor, Zagreb

13,00 – 15,00 Open door days and RES at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture shall open the door of its laboratories for renewable sources of energy to expert visits by representatives of crafts and entrepreneurs, representatives of local self-government units, groups of pupils, students, expert associations and citizens. The visitors shall be able to see a new examination system with geothermal heat pump that is used for cooling and heating of two classrooms, solar photovoltaic and collector systems, a small wind power plant, fuel cells and hydrogen production as an alternative fuel using renewable energy and the operation of the biomass boiler. The visit to laboratories will be preceded by presentations of the said technologies in the faculty Great Hall.

Location: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Ivana Lučića 5, Zagreb

FRIDAY, May 11th, 2018                                        

09,00 – 18,00  Open door days: Croatian Professional Society for Solar Energy

The Solar House in Špansko shall open its door to the visiting groups of pupils, students, expert associations and citizens. Visitors shall be presented with the possibility of obtaining and saving energy using new technologies for converting solar energy into electrical and thermal energy. A specific project will show the application and actual results of measuring energy savings through energy efficiency and the use of solar systems. All measurement results can be seen on the large panel (display) located in front of the solar roof of Špansko - Zagreb and the headquarters of the Croatian Association of Solar Energy. This provides support for sustainable energy policy and suppresses the consequences of climate change and adaptation to these changes.

Location: Croatian Professional Society for Solar Energy, J. Kavanjina 14, Zagreb

09,00 – 17,00  Open days at the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla

The City of Zagreb Technical museum Nikola Tesla shall open its door to visits of pupils, students, expert associations and citizens. As part of the open door day, the museum shall present an exhibition and educational centre „Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency“. In cooperation with the partners, the museum shall hold a great number of events - presentations, workshops and lectures - during the entire day in the permanent exhibition space, the theatre and in the area in front of the museum.

Location: Technical Museum, Savska cesta 18, Zagreb

10,00 – 13,00  Project TOGETHER – We all manage energy Together

The City of Zagreb, City Office for Economy, Energy and Environment Protection will organize a workshop intended for the members of Energy teams of schools and kindergartens participating in the project. The participants will be given an opportunity to speak for themselves in order to present their peers with the activities that are being undertaken in their school/kindergarten in order to boost the awareness of the need to save energy as well as accept a more positive attitude to changing one's own energy related behavior.

Location: Technological Park, Zagreb Fair Pavilion 12, 1st floor, Zagreb

11,00 – 14,00  Chamber of Trades and Crafts expert forum

The City of Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts and the Association of Craftsmen of the City of Zagreb shall give for their members and other interested tradesmen and entrepreneurs a professional presentation on the topic of new opportunities for the development of crafts and small businesses in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and adaptation of business to new market conditions.

Location: City of Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Ilica 49/1, Zagreb

12,00 – 14,00  Open door days - HEP ESCO

This year's HEP ESCO Open Day program includes a panel discussion on 'Energy Economy in Industry'. The panel discussion will be attended by the members of the Management Board of the Metal and Manufacturing Industry and HEP ESCO's Director.

Location: Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d., Ulica grada Vukovara 37 (VII. floor), Zagreb

SATURDAY, May 12th, 2018 

08,00 – 18,00  EE Info day

The central part of the Zagreb Energy Week is an EE Info Day. This manifestation will include presentations of economic subjects, scientific and educational institutions, entrepreneurs, civil society associations, ECO kindergartens and schools active in the field of energy efficiency measures, renewable energy sources, ecologically acceptable fuels and protection of the environment. The presenters shall show their exponents and services on the provided stalls and the citizens will have an opportunity to directly contact with the presenters.

Location:  City of Zagreb, Main City Square