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How Democrats Could Win the 2022 Elections

In 2001 the republican party were built with a majority of both houses of congress along with the executive branch and they also abused this power by looking into making many anti-terrorism laws that had been not like U.S. Constitution. The republicans lost this trifecta of power in 1953 through the Joseph McCarthy Red Scare stripping the rights of innocent people along with the American voter was smart enough to never allow the republican party to obtain this much power for around 50 years. These laws that strip the rights of each and every American citizen continue being extended by both political parties of congress. Although the republican party has engaged in many abuses with your unconstitutional laws, there won’t be any accountability to the republicans who made these laws until these laws happen to be repealed along with the truth is printed. Democrats can win the 2022 elections which has a landslide victory by adjusting the principles of the U.S. Senate and start repealing these many unconstitutional anti-terrorism laws. The republicans have engaged in egregious abuse to regulate the U.S. Supreme Court to make certain these laws are not held as ultra vires, which might expose many crimes from the republican party.

The Watergate scandal that revealed executive abuses of warrantless electronic surveillance by U.S. President Richard Nixon inside 1970s generated a landslide victory with the democrats to uphold the Constitution. Joe Biden became a U.S. Senator in 1973 riding the democrats wave into positions of power. U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy termed as a champion of Constitutional rights has also been elected inside 1970s. Since 2001 the democrats have permit the American people down by agreeing with republicans to feed laws that eradicate our Constitutional rights.

The democratic party must stand up for your Bill of Rights by changing Senate rules just for them to part ways using the republican party. The republican party won’t agree to repeal anti-terrorism laws since they love to abuse their capability to win whatever it takes. In reality, anti-terrorism laws gave the 3 branches of government unlimited powers voiding the U.S. Constitution. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia proudly stated in public, “The Constitution is Dead.” Current republican individuals Congress try this phrase that is contrary to their oath of office to guard the Constitution. Although history shows the republican party doesn’t have regard for your Constitution, a lot of people falsely believe the GOP does since they support the Second Amendment.

The democratic party will likely be annihilated over the 2022 elections and future elections should they do not remain true to the republican party now and fight for the Constitutional rights. Windmills and solar panel systems will not win elections. Democrats only have to be the political party in the 1970s that stands up with the Constitutional rights in the people, not simply the Second Amendment. We should always appreciate the other people do for many people, especially politicians. The democratic party was elected to uphold our Constitutional rights and so they do not appreciate the energy they were given. Any political party it doesn’t fully keep the U.S. Constitution must be removed from power simply because harm everyone, including the dignity of the nation’s brilliant Founders. It is real simple, democrats should run on the political platform of “the Constitution is alive,” that is a legacy being proud of.

Green New Deal for Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe, just like the rest with the developing world, faces a looming economic and environmental meltdown propelled using a combination of your credit-fuelled financial doom and gloom; accelerating global warming and the looming peak within the extractive industries particularly coal mining and electricity generation from energy sources. Policy makers take record setting new production targets during these industries. In my previous article published within this newspaper a fortnight ago, I urged government entities to stop funding new coal projects. All ideas their very own moments. Some of them are pivotal. The trouble is knowing when those pivotal tipping points arrive. The other world is focusing on developing green energy avert the accelerating climatic change, Zimbabwe cannot miss this opportunity – especially as being the country steps right into a ‘new dispensation within the newly elected government led by His Excellency E.D Mnangagwa. As much as the federal government is making frantic efforts to draw foreign direct investment (FDI) underneath the Zimbabwe is open for business mantra, there should be equal efforts to direct such investments towards developing infrastructure for the green energy. The government has to start to strategically fund the infrastructure for greener, smarter and cleaner energy to reap the attendant benefits.

Evidence business countries have established that it is possible to subsidise the national energy grid through renewable energies of solar and wind. Germany being one of the most outstanding example. Locally, authorities have to be commended to the piloting of ‘smart energy’ in traffic lights systems – noticeably from the city of Gweru, Harare (Airport road) where traffic lights are powered by solar power. The efforts must certainly be rolled out to your larger scale. Many traffic casualities have occurred especially in high volume traffic roads because of failure of traffic lights a result of power cuts. Government and local authorities are urged consider powering all traffic lights with solar.

It is often a fact that transition to low carbon is not achieved fast enough in order to avoid dangerous coffee without massive direct government investment. It is unfortunate the Gwanda Solar project can’t see the light of day caused by corruption and greedy by some few people at the cost of the country’s progress but that’s a move inside the right direction. However, all hope must not be lost because of one failed project – rather it need to be taken being a learning curve. For starters, how come government sub-contract a real high priority project? In my view, the federal government of Zimbabwe not just has the technical capacity but the resource ability to run the Gwanda Solar project and plenty of other related projects. With high degrees of unemployment of university and college graduates, they are projects which the us govenment should be employing teenagers to run even on the short term basis.

Funding renewable power has been shunned for high capital demands. However, recently economists have argued how the cost of Solar renewable power generation is declining dramatically for over a decade, plus the decline is predicted to carry on. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Health Organization (WHO) further mention that, the costs of just local pollution from non-renewable fuels include 3-4 million annual premature deaths from outdoor polluting of the environment, along with extensive morbidity.

On the opposite hand, ending fossil fuel subsidies and properly taxing carbon emissions would actually give a large fiscal surplus for consumers, most equitably when the tax proceeds were returned to citizens upon an equal per capita basis as being a ‘fee and dividend’ - perhaps one of the most politically acceptable kind of carbon pricing, which benefits the indegent who use least energy typically.

And certainly these measures would accelerate the continued transition from fossil energy to green energy. Combining every one of the savings from abolishing fossil fuel subsidies, reducing health costs of pollution, increasing energy efficiency, taxing carbon emissions, and gradually phasing your world’s huge current investment and production expenditure on non-renewable fuels of around $5 trillion (globally) annually would not merely generate major local health benefits inside medium term, but also give a financial surplus greater than sufficient to finance the transition. So in funding the transition to green energy, government should besides consider the immediate capital demand (quantifiable costs), and also the avoidable costs (qualitative benefits accruing) inturn.

However, most of the benefit will likely be delayed, a great deal new investment is urgently had to speed up transition and ensure how the majority of lower income consumers don’t suffer initial losses, this also could be accomplished through the ‘Green New Deal’ discussed below. The additional and incalculable advantages of averting dangerous java prices represent the best bonus of survival inside long run.

Expanding government expenditure when resources are under found in recession, or as currently, when most economies are not even close to full employment and endure extensive underemployment and low participation inside labor force, typically generates a greater increase in output compared to the initial expenditure the ‘Keynesian multiplier’. In the end, the other expenditure greater than pays for itself.

Direct public investment in a Green New Deal thus enables the urgent goal of the low carbon economy being achieved sooner and limits the chance of irreversible climatic change, while increasing growth and employment in route. A progressive Zimbabwe cannot miss this opportunity.

The Green New Deal will rekindle an essential sense of purpose, restoring public trust and refocusing the usage of capital on public priorities and sustainability. In this way this may also help deliver a variety of social benefits that may greatly improve quality of life from the future. The Green New Deal includes policies and novel funding mechanisms which will reduce emissions contributing to java prices and allow us to handle better with all the coming energy shortages a result of peak oil. It contains two main strands. Firstly, it entails a structural transformation with the regulation of national and international establishments, and major changes to taxation systems. And, second, a sustained programme to purchase and deploy energy conservation and renewable energies, in conjunction with effective demand management. This huge transformational programme should be designed to substantially decrease the use of classic fuels while inside the process tackling the unemployment and decline in demand brought on by the credit crunch.

The Environmental Myth’s Behind Crude Oil Pushed by Popular Culture

The Popular Culture may be pushing for Decades how the worst thing with the Environment is Crude oil, while ignoring the belief that Crude oil is created by nature, not by man. Humans might use it for something, but does nature. Matter of fact Crude Oil (or Petroleum) is even section of the food chain, there are many Species that contain Crude Oil for their natural diet from the world’s oceans.

Tube Worms, crabs, clams, mussels, microorganisms as well as a vast majority of sea creatures living in and around the darkest deepest servings of the world’s oceans normally live close to natural volcanic vents that seeps out plenty of Petroleum, methane gases, minerals, toxic acids and chemicals appearing out of these vents and crevasses in super-heated water, in whole darkness, without the sunlight. All eat Petroleum and also the other toxic chemicals at the same time.

Many Oil companies harvest these oil eating microorganisms to assistance in oil spill clean ups, while popular media lets us know they are using genetically engineered micro-organisms to wash up, or Franken Bugs. Which is not the situation, the crude oil companies usually are not yet technologically advanced enough for your.

In a survey made in 2003 from the National Research Council learned that 600 Kilotons of crude oil seeps out naturally and consumed by these sea creatures, while other crude oil run offs from human sources constructed 47% and were only available in second at 480 Kilotons, or 38% from the total.

And in Last set up Petroleum release was the Deep Horizon Drilling Rig released 38 Kilotons annually, or 3% in the total.


For 1000’s of years man ended up gathering this natural oil from open tar pits for waterproofing wooden ship hulls and then for outdoor torch lighting. Unfortunately, it had not been very good for indoor lighting given it made some nasty black smoke that may fill your property fast and was unbreathable. So, for many thousands of years man was required to use oil lamps, lanterns and wax candles, who’s oil and wax sources got their start in the blubber of marine animals like Whales, Orcas, walruses and seals.

Unfortunately, this proceeded for millenia as these magnificent creators were slaughtered with regards to oil and wax properties. And almost brought those to extinction from the mid 1800’s. By 1857, the height in the whaling industry there was clearly about one million whales killed yearly with their rotting carcasses dish washing on shores and beaches everywhere.

The Sperm Whale was the pride catch from a whaling vessel, jointly Sperm Whale could produce 55 barrels of whale oil and 3.5 numerous whale wax.

With just about 10 years left before the many whale species were gonna be hunted into extinction, in 1854 a miracle happened, Abraham Gesner discovered the best way to extract Kerosene from coal and crude oil, plus 1857 Michael Dietz invented the Kerosene Lamp. Thus, the first name for Kerosene was Coal Oil.

One in the byproducts of kerosene is paraffin wax for candles, meaning kerosene could completely replace the killing of whales being a cheaper less environmentally destructive source for indoor lighting and indoor cooking.

In earlier 1800’s whale oil costed about $2 per gallon in comparison to Kerosene that has been only 7 cents per gallon. A huge savings that quickly destroyed the international whaling industry, while saving the whales.

Within the subsequent 6 years the whaling industry located a screeching halt like a clear majority with the whaling industry went out of business, as greater and greater usage of Petroleum became available. Only countries that didn’t have having access to Petroleum kept whaling. But those numbers dropped because the 20th century even had more improvements into greater having access to Petroleum, using higher drilling tools and techniques.


Petroleum played an important role in bringing us into your 20th Century and modern day as we also learned how you can make plastics inside late 1800’s to exchange Ivory, thus permitting laws to get written to prohibit the hunting of elephants into extinction also.

Plastics also made it viable to insulate wires which made electric motors, electric generators and transformers possible. So, without plastics created from Petroleum byproducts we might not have electric cars, electrical appliances and transmit electricity over great distances using AC current.


Today you can make countless numerous different products from Petroleum which used to become made by killing numerous species of plants and animals. The more things you can used crude oil for, means you will see fewer species threatened by human needs and wants.

Petroleum and all sorts of its byproducts are widely-used to make kerosene (Jet Fuel and indoor heating oils), gasoline, diesel, propane, butane, waxes, hydrogen gases, Helium gases, Plastics, Synthetic Rubber, paints, lacquers, varnishes, dyes, medicines, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insulators, wire insulators, industrial strength Kevlar, etc.,… literally a lot of different products can now be created from crude oil.

In addition, oil companies offers some on the best paying jobs from the world. While preventing us from living inside stone age.

Even all on the Green Energy goods like solar panels and wind mills still need plastic insulators produced from Petroleum to manage the direction of current and forestall bundles of wrapped wires from shorting out, such as Wind mill generators and transformers for solar power systems that must convert noisy AC solar energy into DC then back into 60Hz AC through inverters and transformers.

the Young Woman Who Dares to Challenge the Scientific Community

For the first time in the past, a little daughter woman predicts successfully major earthquakes without even as being a seismologist!

Anna Giakoumaki isn’t going to only predict correctly major earthquakes but she analyzes also live the way in which she follows to generate a prediction.

She signs as “Anna G.” (Anna Giakoumaki) and he or she is Not a scientist! This fact doesn’t stop her from predicting major earthquakes and challenging the scientific community. The worst is always that her “predictions” are correct. How can she know? And if she will predict an essential earthquake without as being a seismologist, exactly what are we doing wrong? On her website (, we found this alazonic post; “On USGS website we come across this reply to the question “Can you predict earthquakes?”: “Neither the USGS nor every other scientists have ever predicted an essential earthquake. We do not understand how, therefore we do not expect to understand how any time later on… “.

It’s time for it to show you how you predict a significant Earthquake!

As it appears stupidly simple to predict a significant Earthquake with just 3 signs (and that we know that), before we publish the “Greek System”, we’ve tried to give it a look by ourselves and locate these 3 signs on ~8000-Earthquake Continuity of U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Catalog. It was IN the Predictions 98% if your 2% was each and every time one of the 2 Extremely Rare Cases. That’s why we share this System along, therefore we take the great “risk”, to produce our Predictions Live (You realize needless to say how momentous a Live Prediction is, in addition to the consequences for individuals). Let’s leave the reality to speak for their own reasons and time can have us if your forecasting of a serious Earthquake was such simple in any way… !!! If our Predictions are correct, this could be the proof that you will be missing something within the understanding around the Energy on Earth. Let’s take action!”.

The Fire of God

“For our God is usually a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:29

Another weapon of warfare we want to discuss here’s the Fire of God. It is usually a terrible ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ that God has provided with the Christians up against the enemy. It protects guides and fights to the Christian. But unfortunately, the church isn’t making adequate using this spiritual lethal weapon. Yes, I think of it as ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ (W. M. D) which is deadlier as opposed to nuclear, atomic, laser and hydrogen bombs of the world. You cannot relate with God for any reasonable stretch of time without noticing that fire is definitely an indispensable attribute of his presence and actions. In the bible, you’ll always see fire being of this particular presence of God. For example, Leviticus Chapter nine and verse twenty-four stated that, “Fire blazed forth from your LORD’S presence and consumed the burnt offering plus the fat around the altar.” Then, book of Revelation chapter four and verse five also declared from his throne come flashes of lightning as well as the rumble of thunder. And that as you’re watching throne are seven lamp stands with burning flames. There is always a consistent emission of fire and power through the presence of God. You will be to certainly say that you are unable to separate fire from his nature, essence and manifestation. At his throne, there is really a constant emission of lightning, thunder and flames. When he or she is happy and would like to receive your sacrifice, he descends with fire. When he really wants to manifest to his people, he shows-up in fire and smoke. When he desires to lead them beyond slavery, he protects them because pillar of fire and cloud. When he would like to fight for the kids, he incorporates chariots of fire. My God!

When he chosen to anoint the disciples while using Holy Spirit, younger crowd came with tongues of fire. When he would like to give assignments to his prophets, he provides burning bush. The fire is going to be burning without consuming the leaves. And when he gets angry regarding his enemies, he consumes them by fire and sulphur. Then, should you remember, God told the Old Testament priests to make certain the fire inside tabernacle doesn’t set off. So, portion of his nature is combustion. Now, God protects his those that have fire. When the Israelites were popping out from Egypt, we had arrived told which the pillar of fire led them inside night and in addition it turned to a pillar of cloud at day. When the Egyptians came dangerously near apprehending them about the way, the identical pillar of his presence retreated to your back, forming a barrier between his people and also the attackers. This protected the Israelites mainly because it made it impossible for pursuers into the future closer. Listen: “Then the angel of God, who were leading people of Israel, chosen a position in it, and also the pillar of cloud also moved around to their rear. The cloud settled between Israelite and Egyptian camps. As night came, the pillar of cloud changed into a pillar of fire, lighting the Israelite camp. But the cloud became darkness towards the Egyptians, and in addition they couldn’t chose the Israelites.” Exodus14: 19-20. God use his fire to combat for you from today within the name of Jesus. He will cause great, thick darkness to return upon your evil pursuers. They will surely grope, stumble and be seduced by your sake! They will look in your case and will be unable to find or reach you again.

The Fire of God was willing to protect them almost all the time. It transmutes according to your time, circumstance and situation. But the assignment remains constant – to defend God’s people. Look at so what happened there, immediately it sensed danger, it automatically become fire from cloud, and also the angel of God which has been visibly walking using them also retreated to your rear. All these supernatural configurations and realignment instantly, successfully blocked, blurred and incapacitated their enemies. This is what God will start to do available for you. Praise God! You also find out about that spectacular experience with the servant of Prophet Elisha. He was overwhelmed, caged with fear until God opened his eyes to find out the impregnable wall of divine defence around him and the master, “So one night the King of Aram sent an excellent army with lots of chariots and horses to surround town. When the servant with the man of God awoke early the next morning and went outside, there was troops, horses, and chariots everywhere.. ‘Ah, my lord, and what will we do now?’ he cried over to Elisha. ‘Don’t be scared!’ Elisha told him. ‘For day spa san francisco on our side than you are on theirs!’ Then Elisha prayed, ‘O LORD, open his eyes and allow him to see!’ The LORD opened his servant’s eyes, when he researched, he saw that this hillside around Elisha was filled up with horses and chariots of fire.” 2 Kings 6:14-17. Yes, you can find horses and chariots of fire close to you now. Don’t hesitate! Always ask God to transmit his fire to defend and fight for you personally, your family and also the church. Them which are with us are greater and stronger than others against us! We will continue. Share this message web-sites. God bless!