Month: June 2022

The Fire of God

“For our God is usually a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:29

Another weapon of warfare we want to discuss here’s the Fire of God. It is usually a terrible ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ that God has provided with the Christians up against the enemy. It protects guides and fights to the Christian. But unfortunately, the church isn’t making adequate using this spiritual lethal weapon. Yes, I think of it as ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ (W. M. D) which is deadlier as opposed to nuclear, atomic, laser and hydrogen bombs of the world. You cannot relate with God for any reasonable stretch of time without noticing that fire is definitely an indispensable attribute of his presence and actions. In the bible, you’ll always see fire being of this particular presence of God. For example, Leviticus Chapter nine and verse twenty-four stated that, “Fire blazed forth from your LORD’S presence and consumed the burnt offering plus the fat around the altar.” Then, book of Revelation chapter four and verse five also declared from his throne come flashes of lightning as well as the rumble of thunder. And that as you’re watching throne are seven lamp stands with burning flames. There is always a consistent emission of fire and power through the presence of God. You will be to certainly say that you are unable to separate fire from his nature, essence and manifestation. At his throne, there is really a constant emission of lightning, thunder and flames. When he or she is happy and would like to receive your sacrifice, he descends with fire. When he really wants to manifest to his people, he shows-up in fire and smoke. When he desires to lead them beyond slavery, he protects them because pillar of fire and cloud. When he would like to fight for the kids, he incorporates chariots of fire. My God!

When he chosen to anoint the disciples while using Holy Spirit, younger crowd came with tongues of fire. When he would like to give assignments to his prophets, he provides burning bush. The fire is going to be burning without consuming the leaves. And when he gets angry regarding his enemies, he consumes them by fire and sulphur. Then, should you remember, God told the Old Testament priests to make certain the fire inside tabernacle doesn’t set off. So, portion of his nature is combustion. Now, God protects his those that have fire. When the Israelites were popping out from Egypt, we had arrived told which the pillar of fire led them inside night and in addition it turned to a pillar of cloud at day. When the Egyptians came dangerously near apprehending them about the way, the identical pillar of his presence retreated to your back, forming a barrier between his people and also the attackers. This protected the Israelites mainly because it made it impossible for pursuers into the future closer. Listen: “Then the angel of God, who were leading people of Israel, chosen a position in it, and also the pillar of cloud also moved around to their rear. The cloud settled between Israelite and Egyptian camps. As night came, the pillar of cloud changed into a pillar of fire, lighting the Israelite camp. But the cloud became darkness towards the Egyptians, and in addition they couldn’t chose the Israelites.” Exodus14: 19-20. God use his fire to combat for you from today within the name of Jesus. He will cause great, thick darkness to return upon your evil pursuers. They will surely grope, stumble and be seduced by your sake! They will look in your case and will be unable to find or reach you again.

The Fire of God was willing to protect them almost all the time. It transmutes according to your time, circumstance and situation. But the assignment remains constant – to defend God’s people. Look at so what happened there, immediately it sensed danger, it automatically become fire from cloud, and also the angel of God which has been visibly walking using them also retreated to your rear. All these supernatural configurations and realignment instantly, successfully blocked, blurred and incapacitated their enemies. This is what God will start to do available for you. Praise God! You also find out about that spectacular experience with the servant of Prophet Elisha. He was overwhelmed, caged with fear until God opened his eyes to find out the impregnable wall of divine defence around him and the master, “So one night the King of Aram sent an excellent army with lots of chariots and horses to surround town. When the servant with the man of God awoke early the next morning and went outside, there was troops, horses, and chariots everywhere.. ‘Ah, my lord, and what will we do now?’ he cried over to Elisha. ‘Don’t be scared!’ Elisha told him. ‘For day spa san francisco on our side than you are on theirs!’ Then Elisha prayed, ‘O LORD, open his eyes and allow him to see!’ The LORD opened his servant’s eyes, when he researched, he saw that this hillside around Elisha was filled up with horses and chariots of fire.” 2 Kings 6:14-17. Yes, you can find horses and chariots of fire close to you now. Don’t hesitate! Always ask God to transmit his fire to defend and fight for you personally, your family and also the church. Them which are with us are greater and stronger than others against us! We will continue. Share this message web-sites. God bless!